What is a Dance Lesson?

Aug 18, 2023 Uncategorized

dance lesson

Dance lesson can mean a single private, semi-private or group session or it can refer to a course of lessons that is timetabled over several weeks, a semester or even over the course of a year depending on the objective. A lesson may be focused on one technique skill, or it might focus on a particular style of dance. It’s also possible for a lesson to illustrate some higher concept or theme, such as ways to develop and sustain a healthy relationship with dancing, new ways of using the mind and body or analogies to life outside dance.

To maximize learning, start each lesson by determining what the student wants to achieve from dance. This varies widely from person to person. Some students want to perfect the technical details of a step, while others need to understand the overview gestalt of what the dance or pattern is about. Try to appeal to all learners, including visual, auditory and kinesthetic, by offering multiple means for mastering the same step or piece of choreography.

A helpful tip is to mark the tempo of your music with a red grease pencil (available at hardware stores) that you can use to draw on CD cases and other surfaces. This will help you to tell the class when to begin and finish, as well as what tempo of music they are dancing to. This helps them to stay on track during the lesson and avoids wasting time when they need to catch up.