Popular Dances of the 2000s and Beyond

Aug 20, 2023 Uncategorized

popular dances

From the ’20s when you were rocking a newsboy cap and tassled dresses to 2018 when you were flossing, every decade brings its own dance fads. Some become a movement more than a fad, while others disappear as quickly as the latest iPhone. Still, they all manage to bring together people of all ages, backgrounds and abilities to dance in a way that celebrates their music, culture or simply feels good.

Some of these fads simmered in underground scenes before they were introduced to the masses by giants like Chubby Checker or Madonna. Others were completely unknown until a song, video or social media trend made them explode worldwide. From a wild couples dance developed in African American juke joints during Prohibition to the incredibly rhythmic tango, some of these popular dances have become iconic.

Other dances, such as the moonwalk and Thriller, were a result of a specific song or music video, but have since become a part of pop culture. Some, like the ’80s hair metal-inspired Power Ballad “Macarena” and the disco-inspired slow foxtrot are still being taught in schools today, while others are now relegated to nostalgic nostalgia videos. The ’00s saw hip hop and the new millennium’s emergence of electro dance with jolting body movements that have people of all ages, backgrounds and genders hitting the floor.