The Fancy Like Dance on TikTok

Aug 26, 2023 Uncategorized

If you’ve logged onto social media during the last few weeks, it is likely that you’ve seen people doing a viral dance to Walker Hayes’ hit song Fancy Like. The catchy country music song is a chart-topper on the country charts and has been taking TikTok by storm, with millions of people dancing to the tune. The success of the song has also helped challenge societal norms about luxury and lifestyle, as it suggests that being fancy isn’t about a three-course meal at Applebee’s but instead can be as simple as wearing a new clean t-shirt or spending time with loved ones.

The dance to the song was choreographed by Danielle Polanco, a professional choreographer who has worked with many famous artists and celebrities. It is an upbeat routine that involves jogging in place and moving your arms as if you’re swimming or flying. It has become one of the most popular dance trends on TikTok and has been recreated by people from all over the world.

Despite a busy schedule, Walker Hayes found time to bond with his daughter Lela and dance to the song together on his front porch. The father-daughter duo has since released a remix video of their original dance, which has received millions of views.

The two have made their mark in the TikTok world and continue to make headlines for their impressive moves. The pair’s viral dance has even caught the attention of Applebee’s, with the restaurant chain featuring the song in their national advertising campaign.