How to Create a Lesson Plan That Meets Your Students’ Needs

Sep 1, 2023 Uncategorized

dance lesson

Dance is a life-long skill that builds coordination, rhythm, flexibility and other muscle groups. It’s also fun, social and a stress reliever.

As you build your lesson plans, it’s a good idea to ask students what they hope to achieve from dance lessons. This will help you structure the class and plan what steps, concepts or movements are necessary to achieve their goals.

For example, some adult dancers want to work on strengthening their core or increasing their flexability. Depending on their goals, you can curate your lesson to meet their needs by lowering the impact level, slowing down tempos or simplifying memorization tasks. It’s also important to respect the age limitations of adults. You don’t want to push students outside of their movement capabilities, which could lead to injury or frustration.

Some students learn better with lots of detail, while others need to grasp the overview gestalt of what a step or pattern is all about. Include both in your classes so that all students can master the material.

Today’s students are accustomed to getting information quickly through broadcast media and the Internet, and they grow impatient with teachers who drone on. It’s important to keep your explanations brief and to the point. Your dancers will appreciate a teacher who conveys the details and spirit of a dance as effectively as possible.