The Latest Trend on TikTok – The Fancy Like Dance

Sep 2, 2023 Uncategorized

fancy like dance

When it comes to viral dance trends on TikTok, the fancy like dance has been one of the most popular of 2019. The moves first gained traction through videos posted by American dancer Nazz Sldy, who credits herself with creating the choreography. The dance involves a combination of level changes, arm movements, and body isolations. It has become a staple of the dance community, and it has even led to its own memes.

Walker Hayes, a country singer from Mobile, Alabama, found a way to leverage this trend to his advantage when he released his hit song Fancy Like earlier this year. The song was featured on his Country Stuff EP and has spent a solid six months in the No. 1 spot of the country charts. The single’s success has translated into a bigger audience for the rest of his music, and it even made its way into an Applebee’s commercial.

Last summer, Walker and his daughter Lela filmed a video of them dancing to the song Fancy Like on their front porch. The clip went viral and earned millions of hearts and views on TikTok, ultimately garnering the attention of Applebee’s who tapped the father/daughter duo to perform in their restaurant ad campaign. To celebrate the million-plus view milestone, the pair have decided to recreate the original dance video to show off their killer moves once again. Watch it below.