Popular Dances

Sep 11, 2023 Uncategorized

Popular dances are those that have a wide following. These dances can be a part of a genre or culture and are often seen in movies, TV shows, and videos. They are also a big part of pop music and can be found in many of the hits we listen to today. They may be a new style of dance or something older that is suddenly trendy again. Some are fads that fade quickly, but others like the Twist or the YMCA have had much longer lives. Some are even considered a dance craze, where people are encouraged to join in and have fun.

During the 1920’s, the flapper style of dancing became all the rage with women energetically twirling their way through dance scenes in films. The Mambo was another style to emerge, bringing the Cuban music and dance to America’s dance floors. Rock n Roll and Swing dances gained popularity during this time as well. Blues dance, which is done to blues music; Boogie Woogie, a lead dance that belongs to the swing family, and Charleston dance (also known as Carolina Shag) all rose in popularity.

The ’60’s was a time of experimentation in dance styles. Popping, Locking and Breaking all gained popularity during this decade, and some of them are still being used in hip hop dancing today. Some of these styles are inspired by other movements, such as Struttin’, which is done by hitting angles with your body. It’s a style that has been influenced by classic mimes. Another style, Tutting or King Tut is created by fluid rolls of the body and is inspired by Egyptian hieroglyphics.