Hip Hop Dance

Sep 12, 2023 Uncategorized

Hip hop dance is the umbrella term for a wide range of styles that are all associated with hip hop music. From street dancing to highly choreographed and synchronized moves in music videos and commercials, hip hop dance has become the dominant form of movement associated with hip hop culture.

The popularity of hip hop dance has led to the formation of professional dance crews such as Rock Steady Crew and the Lockers. This style of dance has also been used by popular 1990s rappers MC Hammer and Vanilla Ice in their choreographed music videos.

Some of the most popular forms of hip hop dance are popping and locking. Popping involves a combination of sharp movements and fluid body movements. It’s often accompanied by a variety of hand gestures and animated expressions. Locking, on the other hand, is more characterized by a locked pose or a series of arm movements that are held still in a frozen position.

Both popping and locking are associated with hip hop but they actually predate the creation of the genre. It was during the era of funk that they became a part of the hip hop culture.

While there are many different forms of hip hop dance, the most common characteristic is a free-spirited and playful attitude. This allows it to appeal to a wide audience and to be incorporated into a variety of other styles of dance as well as music genres.