Fancy Like Dance Is One of the Most Popular Dance Trends This Year

Sep 16, 2023 Uncategorized

fancy like dance

Fancy like dance is one of the most popular dance trends this year. The dance was created by a professional choreographer and has been used in numerous music videos and other professional performances. It features smooth head whips and sideline steps that are fun to do.

The dance became popular after Walker Hayes posted a video of himself dancing with his daughter to the song. The video went viral and inspired many other people to create their own videos using the dance. It was so popular that Applebee’s even added the dance to their commercials.

The success of the song and the dance helped to propel the release of Walker’s album, Country Stuff. It also gave him a big boost on the Billboard Country charts. It spent sixteen weeks at number one before being displaced by Taylor Swift’s “All Too Well.”

Country singer Walker Hayes has found the power of TikTok, thanks to his viral video of him and his daughter dancing to the hit Fancy Like. The dance video has garnered more than 20 million views and nearly 2.5 million likes. It has even led to a namedrop from the restaurant chain Applebee’s, which brought back its famous Oreo Shake.

Walker credits his daughter Lela, who is one of his six children, with coming up with the groovy dance moves that have helped to make their video so popular. The pair have since posted several other TikToks, including a group dance with the whole family that has garnered more than 6.5 million views.