How Will the Fancy Like Dance Translate to a Wedding Floor?

Sep 23, 2023 Uncategorized

fancy like dance

Fancy Like has spent 24 weeks at the top of the Country charts. It’s a hit thanks to the song itself and the dad-daughter dance that started it all, but it could have been a lot slower to rise on radio. It’s likely that some stations were hesitant to play it because of its pop production and novelty feel, but that doesn’t mean they weren’t paying attention. One of them was Applebee’s, which featured the song and dance in its own commercial. It’s a great example of art influencing commerce.

Walker Hayes and his daughter Lela are celebrating the success of their viral TikTok dance video for his current hit, “Fancy Like.” To celebrate, they have recreated the original video on their front porch to show off their moves and to celebrate the millions of views that the video has received since it first aired last summer.

As a bonus, they also got some friends and family involved to help out in a full-fledged group dance that’s even more impressive. Watch it below.

It’s clear that “Fancy Like” is a hit and isn’t going anywhere, but how well do you think the dance will translate to the wedding floor? It’s a fun way to get everyone dancing, and it would be perfect at a reception for an older crowd that doesn’t want to be stuck doing the traditional line dance. Maybe it’s even worth learning if you’re planning your own wedding and want to impress your guests with your fancy footwork.