Dances Tips and Tricks

Sep 29, 2023 Uncategorized

Whether you are a beginner or a pro dancer, there are always ways to improve your performance. Here are some dances tips and tricks that you can use to wow the crowd and take your dancing up a notch.

1. Focus on the music.

During a performance, the most important thing is to be fully connected with the music. If you have a mind that is focused on anything else, your dance will suffer. Try to keep your thoughts occupied with enjoying the dance and connecting with the music. Eventually, your dancing will take care of itself.

2. Do a quick checklist of your pique’ turns.

When you are doing a pique’ turn, check that you are pushing strongly off your supporting leg and not just “climbing up” into the turn. Also, check that you are not flinging your leading arm out too much or dropping it completely. This will help you look more fluid and relaxed.

3. Try different movements to the same song.

Choreographing a whole dance takes a lot of creativity, especially when you’re working with multiple performers. One way to avoid dancer’s block is to try different movements to the same song, or even the same beat of the song. This will make your choreography more interesting and give you a new perspective on your favorite songs.

4. Ask for feedback.