The Most Important Part of a Dance Lesson

Sep 29, 2023 Uncategorized

dance lesson

The most important part of a dance lesson is the beginning: getting students ready to start moving. This includes a way to transition from the outside world into class, a warm-up that gets their bodies moving, and a clear way to introduce new dance skills and concepts.

Once everyone is warmed up and moving, it’s important to have some fun activities to help students stay engaged. This can be as simple as playing a movement game or having them work on a dance skill with their peers. In addition, having a few low-pressure activities like this can also help with a student’s confidence level so they know they are not going to make a complete mess!

As a teacher, it is also important to have an effective class sequence. This can include a brief Opening Ritual, a thorough warm-up, and a clear way to present the day’s dance skills and concepts. It can also include a way for students to apply the skills they have learned, so they can see how they relate to each other and dancers from different cultures.

When it comes to dance, it is usually best to teach the hardest steps first. This gives students the most opportunity to practice and learn before hitting a wall. It is also a good idea to have some of the more difficult moves match with music so that the choreographer can demonstrate how they fit together and the students can actually SEE them.