Pop Dance – A Style of Dancing That Incorporates Popping

Oct 10, 2023 Uncategorized

pop dance

Pop dance is a style of dancing that incorporates popping. Popping is a funk dance and street dance style that is based on a technique of quickly contracting and relaxing muscles (also known as hitting) to the rhythm of beats in music. It is a highly flexible style with many different moves and poses. It is often used to create a variety of illusory effects, and closely related dance styles and techniques are sometimes incorporated into popping to enhance a performance.

While the origins of popping are unclear, it is believed to have evolved from earlier funk styles such as robot dance and strutting, which were popular in the Oakland, California, area through the late 1960s and 1970s. It was also influenced by Hip Hop’s cultural movement, and it is closely related to the hip hop dance style of locking. It has also been incorporated into the electronica dance scene to some extent, influencing new styles such as liquid and digits, turfing, and waving.

Unlike other street and funk dance styles, popping is almost always done while standing up, except for when the dancer is laying on the floor. The movements and poses often have sharp contrasts, and are either robotic and rigid or very fluid and gravity defying.

While some dancers may have a preference for one particular style over another, there are many benefits to learning all forms of dancing. For example, K-Pop dancers who practice both popping and ballet often have a more diverse repertoire of moves. This is especially useful for creating a unique style that stands out from others and can help with the creation of choreography.