Pop Dance

Oct 24, 2023 Uncategorized

Pop dance is a style of dance that can be done to many different genres of music. It’s easy for people of any age to learn and can be used for a variety of things from dancing competitions to social gatherings. It’s a great way to exercise and is a lot of fun to do!

Popping is a style of dance that has roots in hip hop and other street/funk styles, however it’s considered its own unique dance. Traditionally it is danced to funk and disco music but can be danced to other modern genres of music as well including dubstep. It is a dance that’s constantly evolving and changing with new dancers innovating and adapting the style to fit their taste while maintaining the technique of the original Popping OGs (Original Gangsters).

Normally popping involves movements synchronized to the beats of the music. It grew out of the earlier Boogaloo cultural movement that was created in Oakland and later spread to other areas such as Robottin’ in Richmond, Cali Struttin’ in San Francisco and San Jose, as well as Filmore strutting in San Fransisco. These movements all had similar characteristics of creating illusions of the body in rhythmic patterns.

Throughout the years, the evolution of popping continued and it was eventually adapted into new styles such as top rockin’ and floor rockin’. In top rockin’ the dancer would lift and lower their body based on the melody of the song and in floor rockin’ the dancer would create movement in a way that appeared to be more fluid. There are various techniques that can be used to enhance and compliment the flow of this style such as front swipes, back swipes and dips.