Planning a Dance Lesson for Children

May 13, 2022 Uncategorized

dance lesson

Planning a dance lesson begins with an idea. It may be a particular movement genre or a particular part of the dance curriculum. It may also involve determining what students already know about dance and how they can apply it to their own performance. If possible, it may be helpful to integrate other subjects into the lesson, such as history, literature, or language. In either case, a stimulus should be thought-provoking and inspire students to inquire.

After identifying the concept, the young dancers move across the floor individually, in pairs, or in trios to illustrate the concept. The lesson is followed by relaxation exercises and stretching exercises to prevent cramps. Students will also be asked to review the concepts discussed in the lesson to reinforce them. If possible, dancers should try to practice the concept outside of the lesson. This way, they’ll be better prepared when preparing for their first professional performance.

A dance lesson for children can include a brief history of dance. Cave paintings in India are believed to be the earliest evidence of dance. They depict religious rites, communal drinking, hunting, childbirth, and burial rituals, as well as dancing scenes. However, the dances themselves are unknown, but they have been interpreted as rituals and celebrated by ancient people. The children’s interest in dance is likely fueled by its enduring appeal.