The New Men’s Dancing Style – The Fancy Like Dance

Nov 11, 2023 Uncategorized

The fancy like dance is a men’s dancing style that is very colorful and energetic. It is usually performed by younger men and boys wearing flashy regalia that may include twin feather bustles, a beaded bodice or dress, a roach rocker with two feathers and other feathered accouterments. They are accompanied by a drum and often dance to an upbeat beat, such as a medium war beat, a crow hop, or a buck dance.

The craze started in June with an original clip of Walker Hayes and his daughter on TikTok, which has since racked up millions of views. Now, copycat videos of people doing the dance are popping up on the platform all over the place, a trend that’s helping promote the country star’s chart-topping hit “Fancy Like.”

Walker Hayes says the sudden success of his song has been a blast and he is especially glad it’s helped him see his daughters. He also reveals he’s been surprised to see how far the song has come, with it spending time at the top of every sales and streaming chart and currently sitting at number five on Billboard’s country charts.

The songwriters of the track, Cameron Bartolini and Josh Jenkins, were also impressed with how well the song has done and say it speaks to a lot of people out there who don’t expect to see country stars enjoying the simple pleasures in life, like a Bourbon Street steak with an Oreo shake. The song is the first major hit of Hayes’ career and he says it has been opening fans up to his whole discography.