Popular Dances of All Time

May 16, 2022 Uncategorized

popular dances

Social media has provided new venues for artists to share their moves. A number of popular dances have become viral sensations. For instance, “Gangnam Style” by South Korean producer PSY has received over a billion views. This hip-hop-inspired dance is also called the Pony Time, and involves putting your feet together and bouncing like a pony. Other dances have found huge fan followings, including “The Twist” and “Whip It.”

During the 1920s, a number of dance styles were created and popularized. Dance magazines were widely available, and wealthy parents would send their children to dance schools to learn the latest styles. Dance marathons were held every weekend, sometimes lasting as long as three weeks. In addition to dance, young people also began to create their own fashion styles. They would wear racoon coats and short bobbed hair, and perform upper-arm bends.

Later, people learned new dances in Hollywood movies, and would practice them for hours to dance to their favorite music. As they gained popularity, these dances began to supplant more simple dances, which led to their demise. However, the modern worldwide dance audience has resurrected the ballroom. Among the most popular dances of all time is the waltz, a graceful two-person dance that was first popularized by Johann Strauss.

While the Charleston is considered a modern-day classic, the style actually originated in the 1920s. Despite its origins under prohibition, the Charleston evolved from a popular song. James P. Johnson’s “Runnin’ Wild” song included a hot tune called the Charleston. The Charleston dance has evolved from the swing style of dancing, in which dancers alternate positions in a hip-rocking motion. There is also a ballroom-style variation known as the Charleston.