Pop Dance – A Popular Style of Dancing to Funk and Disco Music

Nov 28, 2023 Uncategorized

pop dance

Pop dance is a style of dancing that is done to funk and disco music. It is often used in conjunction with other styles of dance such as hip hop and electronic music. It is a fast tempo style of dance that requires a lot of energy. There are many tutorial videos online that show people doing this style of dance. Some of these videos are quite impressive. It is a popular style that seems to be here to stay.

Popping is a dance style characterized by sudden tensing and relaxing of muscles (hitting) to the beat of music. It’s a street dance style that originated among groups of teenage friends in deindustrializing neighborhoods who would come up with moves, practice them and then show them off in clubs and dance battles. The OGs’ accounts and interpretations of the origins of popping can sometimes conflict with one another as they vary by region and circle.

Popping’s roots extend from funk dance to breakdancing, and its emergence into the mainstream has helped bridge its evolution into the current era of EDM. That is why it’s such a big deal that it got its own category at the Grammy Awards this year, allowing dancers to showcase their skills on a national televised platform. The addition of the category also helped make sure that the nominations in the new dance/electronic field reflected the sprawling global scene, rather than being dominated by two categories that had been historically vexed by the collision of house, EDM, IDM and other subgenres with pop structures.