Hip Hop Dance Variations

May 16, 2022 Uncategorized

Hip hop dance became popular during the 1990s, when artists such as Vanilla Ice and MC Hammer performed the style. Even Michael Jackson used hip hop in his 1992 music video. Fatima Robinson, a street dancer without any formal training, choreographed the video. As one of the first African-American women in Hollywood, Robinson was inspired to become a choreographer. During this time, she performed some of the first music videos of famous artists.

Hip hop dance has many variations. Breaking, often referred to as breakdancing by the popular media, is a specific type of hip hop dance. It began with 5 core movements: Top Rocks, Fast Footwork, Back Rocks, Freezes, and Power Moves. The phrase “knowledge of self” is used to refer to the Afro-diaspora blend of spiritual and political consciousness and the desire to give back to minority communities. It is regarded as an authentic expression of hip hop culture.

The Electric Boogaloos was created in 1973 and influenced the rest of the hip hop movement. The name evokes muscle contractions, as the dance moves are fast and irregular. It is one of the most famous forms of hip hop dance. Invented by Sam Solomon, this style was later popularized by the Electric Boogaloos, a West Coast group. Its trademark movements, such as the “shockwave,” became trademark movements in the dance industry. The “new style” of hip hop dance has a more structured approach and is taught in hip hop dance classes.