Walker Hayes’ Fancy Like Dance Song Makes It to Number 5 on the Billboard Hot Country Songs Charts

Dec 2, 2023 Uncategorized

fancy like dance

Whether it was through a top 40 power block, an Applebee’s commercial, or a massive TikTok boost, country star Walker Hayes hit the top 5 with his Fancy Like dance song. It was a surprise that even the singer himself didn’t expect.

The song was already a standout from his Country Stuff EP when it got the big TikTok boost. The OG clip from Hayes and his daughter racked up millions of views, spurring other TikTok users to create their own dance videos. That organic discovery factor helped the song climb to number one on the country charts and gave it a bigger promotional boost when Applebee’s featured the track in a national campaign.

In the past, it was rare for a country music song to reach number one on both the Billboard Hot Country Songs and Country Digital Song Sales charts. But “Fancy Like” has done just that, proving that the genre can still deliver crossover hits to the mainstream.

The song’s wholesome vibes and catchy hook are what make it such an appealing listen to non-country audiences. It’s similar to other recent country crossover hits like Maren Morris’ The Bones and Gabby Barrett’s I Hope, but it also boasts the type of irresistible chorus that can work at different streaming and radio formats.