Hip Hop Dance

Dec 4, 2023 Uncategorized

Hip hop dance is one of the most popular styles of dancing today. It is offered in dance studios around the world and is a mix of breaking, popping and locking with some movement elements from swing dancing and modern jazz. It is also well represented on television with shows like America’s Best Dance Crew and movies such as You Got Served, Save The Last Dance, and the Step Up series.

As hip hop grew in popularity and street dance culture became more formalized, many more types of moves were created that fall under the umbrella term of hip hop dance. Some of these moves include krumping, which is energetic and expressive and is often performed as a battle between two dancers or a group. Another example is popping, which involves the quick contraction of muscles in the body to create a “jerking” effect. And then there is locking, a style that involves slow movements and holds positions longer than popping does.

In the early days of hip hop, the dance style was often just a bunch of b-boys and b-girls stepping up to show off their moves during block parties and other informal gatherings. As these dancers grew more proficient, they began to break down the steps into their basic elements and develop more structured choreography. But the spirit and energy of hip hop is still alive in these dancers, who are able to use the heavy beat of hip hop music to create intricate and complex moves that are not only acrobatic, but also highly expressive.