Walker Hayes’ Fancy Like Dance Goes Viral on TikTok

Dec 10, 2023 Uncategorized

When Walker Hayes’ ode to date night at Applebee’s went viral with the catchy song Fancy Like and its choreographed dance, the country star was more than a little surprised. He’d already been a modest TikTok presence, but his video with 15-year-old daughter Lela quickly went from mid-size to massive hit, not just on the app, but also on country radio charts.

The “Fancy Like” success has been good for the Monument artist and his family, and it’s helped broaden his audience for songs from the 2021 Country Stuff EP. But the song’s giddy, goofy celebration of reasonably priced pleasures was never meant to be a ploy to get more people into restaurants.

In fact, the whole thing started as a way for Hayes and Lela to bond during Covid quarantine. They learned some TikTok dance moves and put them together on their front porch, where they filmed the video that sparked such a huge response.

Since then, fans have been posting their own versions of the dance, with some hilarious results. And the reenactments have not only widened Hayes’ audience, but have given him a big boost as he tours this summer with MacKenzie Porter.