Fancy Like – The Summer Country Hit of 2021

Dec 30, 2023 Uncategorized

In a time when music often veers towards the complexity of abstract narratives and overly complicated production, Walker Hayes opted to keep it simple on his viral hit, “Fancy Like.” The song has become the summer country hit of 2021. It has reached the top five of Billboard, and is currently sitting at number 1 on iTunes US all-genre and country charts.

Originally, the song — which name drops Applebee’s — was only going to be a promotional single for Hayes’ new album Country Stuff, but its success on TikTok caused the Mobile, Alabama native to release it as a full-length. The track has sung to the top of both charts, and Hayes is now on every summer country playlist.

The track has spawned tons of videos from fans all over the world doing their best Fancy Like dances. One of the most popular reenactments comes from a Pittsburgh-based chiropractor who posts stretching tips on TikTok under the username thestrohshow. He filmed himself performing the dance with his daughter, and it has already garnered over 22.3 million views.

Another popular video comes from a couple who danced the Fancy Like routine on their porch with their dogs. They even threw in some free styling at the end. The dance has also made its way into a few TV commercials, including the latest Applebee’s ad featuring a pig in a suit. In addition, a remix with Ke$ha was recently released.