The Most Popular Dances of All Time

Jan 7, 2024 Uncategorized

From the nae nae to the Dougie to the jiggle, the past few decades have seen a torrent of new dance crazes. And while some of these moves are based on complex choreography, others can be mastered with just a few simple moves and the right attitude.

The 2000s will be remembered as the decade when hip hop, rap, and RnB absolutely dominated popular culture, spawning a whole new generation of dance moves and club styles. One of the most famous fads to come out of this era was krumping. With less restrictive and more upright movements than breakdancing, krumping became the dance style of choice for many young people to get loose to their favorite music.


Created in the 1920s at underground African American juke joints during Prohibition, the jitterbug was a wild couples dance that used the Lindy Hop as its foundation. It quickly evolved into the modern swing dance that we know and love today.

The Macarena

When it comes to the most popular dances of all time, there’s not much that can top the infamous one-hit wonder of 1993 known as the Macarena. From private parties to shopping malls, the song and its highly choreographed dance dominated pop culture.

The Texas Tommy

Made famous by Chubby Checker in a performance on the hit television show Dick Clark’s “American Bandstand,” The Texas Tommy was a wildly popular dance with just enough gyration to be considered naughty. Also called the hippie spin, it’s still commonly performed at jam band concerts by fans of bands like the Grateful Dead.