Hip Hop Dance

Jan 8, 2024 Uncategorized

Hip hop dance is a popular dance style that combines several styles including breaking, popping and locking. It consists of various movements that are very rhythmic and modern, it gives free rein to the imagination of the dancer and can be both individual and improvised. It is also very fluid, allowing the body to express a lot of emotions, ranging from anger and fear to happiness or joy.

The origins of hip hop dance date back to the 1970s when break dancing and funk began to become popular. In the beginning, hip hop was mainly a street style and only became known to a wider audience when the first dance crews started to form. This paved the way for Hip Hop to move into professional spaces, resulting in many dance competitions being held worldwide.

Today, hip hop dance is taught in many different places and is a huge part of our culture. Hip hop dancers can be seen on the streets, in music videos and even on television shows. Hip hop is a style that is suitable for all ages and body types, so anyone can get into the groove!

In order to excel in hip hop dance, it requires a high level of endurance and stamina as well as complex footwork. The moves are quick and require a high level of concentration and coordination. While other forms of dance, such as ballet or jazz, focus on a straight posture and pointed feet, hip hop uses a curved spine and bent knees.