Hip Hop Dance

Jan 23, 2024 Uncategorized

hip hop dance

When people think of hip hop dance, they might picture acrobatic moves and high kicks. However, there is so much more to this style of dance than meets the eye. Hip hop is one of the most versatile forms of dancing available and it has been adapted to fit many different styles of music.

Hip hop is a combination of several techniques that have evolved over time and influenced other types of dance, such as jazz, Indian, and African. It is also a style that can be improvised, which makes it easy for hip hop dancers to create their own unique style. Hip hop dancers are often seen in television and movies as well as at events, concerts, and advertisements.

The three original styles of hip hop are breaking, popping, and locking. Breaking, which is sometimes referred to as “b-boying” and b-girling, is an acrobatic dance that uses fast footwork technique. It is often done in a competition-style format where the dancers “battle” one another by performing back and forth routines.

Popping is a form of hip hop dance that is accomplished through quick contractions and releases of the body’s muscles to create jerking movements. It can be performed by almost any part of the body and is typically performed to funk music. Locking is similar to popping, but it requires the dancer to hold positions for longer periods of time.

Other forms of hip hop include krumping, which draws from African American culture to express powerful emotions and features energetic, forceful movements such as chest bumping. Jookin is a style of hip hop that incorporates footwork and gliding movements. Like rap, it is heavily influenced by the musical genre of soul.