Learn the Basics of Pop Dance

Feb 6, 2024 Uncategorized

Pop dance is a form of street dancing, it is closely related to hip hop and often used in conjunction with other styles to create a unique performance. It is often used in battles, where dancers compete to outdo each other by creating the most spectacular choreography and showing off their best moves. It is also a popular hobby or activity for people of any age to practice and learn.

The word “pop” comes from the fact that this type of dance style is mainly done to pop music, which is a genre of commercialized musical output. This genre is generally known for being very easy to dance to, making it a staple in many nightclubs and other dance venues.

It is a style that involves quickly contracting and relaxing various muscles groups to create sharp movements. Some basic techniques include chest popping, forearm hits and the pop and lock style. This mini-series will teach you some basics of these moves, so that you can start learning this popular style.

Popping is a dance style that originated in Northern California. It was pioneered by a group called the Electric Boogaloos, who mixed popping with other street and funk styles. It is often confused with breakdancing and locking, but is distinct from both of them. Occasionally, closely-related illusionary dance styles and techniques are integrated with popping to create a more varied show, such as robot, waving and tutting. A dancer who performs popping is commonly referred to as a popper.