Remixes of the “Fancy Like Dance” on TikTok

Feb 17, 2024 Uncategorized

There are some songs that just seem to be begging you to show off your moves. Country singer Walker Hayes’s latest hit, “Fancy Like,” is one of those tracks.

The song, which praises simple tastes like blue jeans and Natty Light while also celebrating fancy things like a night at Applebee’s, was already a popular poster on TikTok, but the viral video that features him dancing with his 15-year-old daughter Lela has helped to widen his audience even more. It’s been a whirlwind ride since its release, spending six months at the top of every chart and topping both iTunes all-genre and country charts.

And while the original video from Hayes and Lela has taken off, many others have started posting their own versions of the dance online to celebrate a milestone in their own way. A pop star, an actor and a pregnant country singer have all put their own spin on the moves first seen by Hayes and Lela, often with hilarious results.

The first “Fancy Like” remix to make waves was by a Pittsburgh-based chiropractor who shares stretching tips on the TikTok platform under the name “thestrohshow.” He and his wife added their own free styling to Hayes’ signature moves, with the result being a fun video that is also good for your back. A few days later, a married couple who dance under the TikTok names of idoesandsiren and jaydrewdance posted their version of the dance. They danced outside and threw in a few of their own signature moves, with the end result being a cute video that would be a great workout for your core.