Billboard’s “Fancy Like Dance”

Feb 24, 2024 Uncategorized

There are some songs that just seem to beg for dancers. Country star Walker Hayes’ “Fancy Like” is definitely one of those tracks. It jumped 21-5 on this week’s Hot 100, marking the Monument artist’s first top 5 hit in his career. Billboard staffers discuss what’s behind the song’s success, how it’s spread on TikTok and scored a big Applebee’s sync (and even landed a remix with Kesha).

The summer hit has become a staple on anyone’s country music playlist. It’s also gone far beyond its initial premise as an ode to date nights at Applebee’s. It’s become a juggernaut thanks to its organic social media discovery from Hayes and his daughter, an official remix with Kesha, and even a starring turn in Applebee’s national commercials.

A lot of that is thanks to its wholesome, relatable message. But it also has to do with its easy-to-follow rhythm and catchy hooks.

Walker himself is still a little shocked by all the attention that “Fancy Like” has received. But he knows that the song’s success is a testament to how loyal his fans are to him and his work.

Michael Roberts is a veteran Native American Fancy Dancer. The dance, which is sometimes a competitive sport, is practiced by many different tribes and has been passed down to generations of dancers.