A Young Woman Performs a “Fancy Like Dance” While Wakeboarding

Jun 4, 2022 Uncategorized

Have you ever seen a young woman performing a “Fancy Like” dance? If so, you should watch this video. She does this dance while wakeboarding, but luckily she doesn’t fall in! Here’s a look at some of her moves. Just like any other aspiring dancer, she’s a fan of Walker Hayes. This video demonstrates how she dances to the hit song. You can learn how to do this dance too!

Although her name doesn’t appear in the original video of “Fancy Like,” she appears in the remix. Walker Hayes, a father of six, wrote the song with his bandmates, and his daughter, Laney, danced to it. This video, viewed by millions of people, has been viral for several reasons. Its lack of pretension and honesty make it an instant classic, according to Hayes’ family.

Walker Hayes’ viral video was so successful that Applebee featured it in their commercials, resulting in almost 7 million views in less than 24 hours. The video was a hit on TikTok, where it quickly became viral. Walker also credited his daughter Lela with helping him with the choreography. Walker Hayes’ song “Fancy Like” reigned the Country charts for 24 weeks, but was dethroned by Taylor Swift’s “All Too Well.” He recently released an EP called Country Stuff, and will embark on a tour in 2022.

The men’s version of the song is just as energetic, and requires strength and stamina. The drums play a medium war beat, a ruffle, or a crow hop beat. During this dance, men are expected to pose at the end of each beat. They also wear bright regalia to dance to. In addition to their stylish new outfits, they pose for the camera, while fans like the video.