Benefits of Dancing For the Brain

Jun 15, 2022 Uncategorized


Dancing has many benefits for the brain. Research has shown that dance increases neuroplasticity, which promotes healing after injury or disease. Regular dancing can improve balance, speed and pattern of walking. Many older adults experience difficulty walking, so dancing can be an effective intervention for this issue. Listed below are some of the benefits of dancing. Read on to find out why dance is beneficial to the brain. Listed below are some of the most common benefits of dancing.

Dancers’ bodies move in patterns to music. The spectators may be drawn into the dancer’s movements, expressing the same emotions as the dancer. They may even experience the same physical sensations as the dancer, known as kinesthesia. This awareness of the body through its muscles, joints and tendons is known as kinesthesia, and it affects the nerve endings of spectators as well. While dancing, a person’s body can be affected by music, light and color.

The dance terminology used to describe these movements includes tempo. Tempo is borrowed from the musical language and refers to the frequency of beats. Tempo 60 means that there are 60 beats per minute, whereas tempo 120 refers to 120 beats per minute. Tempo is measured with a metronome. Another dance term is tilt. Tilt involves lifting one leg high and leaning the body upwards. When done correctly, a dancer’s body can lean upwards and outwards.