Benefits of a Dance Lesson Based on a Story

Jun 24, 2022 Uncategorized

dance lesson

There are many benefits to a dance lesson based on a story. The young dancers enjoy moving across the floor in individual pieces, groups, pairs, and even in trios. They can focus on key details or aspects of the story, such as the main message, setting, characters, climax, and conflict. The dance lesson can also help them develop their artistic voices and technique. But for the most part, a dance lesson based on a story will help them improve their overall dancing skills.

Physical activity helps the body learn and regulate emotions. You can include a short dance break every other lesson to help the children develop spatial and body patterns. A dance lesson builds on the concept of movement in space and memory recall. It can be fun to explore basic elements of dance and choreography with your students. In addition to dancing, your children can also learn to read music and use visual stimuli to develop an appreciation for movement. In addition to dancing, a story can be based on a simple song map.

Another benefit of using questions to build a dance lesson formula is the way they encourage reflection about teaching strategies. By encouraging students to consider different ideas and allowing them to make their own decisions, you can foster freedom of learning. You can also incorporate other areas of the curriculum as a stimulus. HASS, literacy, and numeracy all have links to dance. Moreover, children learn from the language of movement and show advanced knowledge through dance.