How to Make a Dance Lesson More Effective

Jul 2, 2022 Uncategorized

A successful dance lesson has many components. In the early stages, the teacher is involved in exploring the possibilities of stimulus. They are also taught about the elements of dance and how to organise movement material. Then, they are involved in exploring their own dance and others’, thereby developing their own understanding and advanced knowledge of dance. The teacher guides students in their responses to the stimulus. This type of teaching is similar to leading students through responding to a text.

Throughout the lesson, students will examine the basic element of force and compare how it is used in different dance styles. In a simple example, the student will compare the Chinese and Arabian dances from The Nutcracker. Afterward, they will analyze the similarities and differences between these dance expressions. Afterward, they will explore several dance expressions and compare how they use force. A dance lesson can be made even more effective when it is integrated with other disciplines.

A dance lesson can begin with a stimulus, which can be anything that inspires movement. Then, a teacher can discuss how the dancers move and interact with others. If the student is unsure about something, they can discuss how to integrate it with other areas of learning. The teacher must look for a stimulus that will inspire inquiry and meaning-making. A dance lesson that incorporates a theme that ties in with the curriculum will be more effective.