How to Find a Hip Hop Dance Class

Jul 19, 2022 Uncategorized

hip hop dance

If you’ve been interested in taking up hip hop dance but aren’t sure where to start, there are a couple of ways to find a hip hop dance class in your area. Start by Googling the name of the dance style you want to learn. Then look at dance studios that have good reviews. You can also check out social media sites, like Facebook, YouTube, and Instagram to see which studios have active student pages. Make sure the dance classes you choose are truly hip hop.

Hip hop dance originated in the late 1970s and has evolved from a very different genre than the more classical styles of ballet and modern dance. Hip hop dance, in contrast, is more free and fluid and uses percussive movements and flexed feet. This type of dance is most popular in urban dance communities, but it has roots in many other genres as well. The styles of hip hop dance include the following:

The West Coast adapted hip hop dance from the Bronx, but developed their own style. The robotic movement, for example, was based on the music of the Jackson Five. Other influences were popular films and TV shows about robots. While East Coast b-boys were Freezing in power moves, West Coast hip hoppers were mimicking the poses of department store mannequins. They were trying to imitate the artificial life.