The Basics of Pop Dance

Jul 26, 2022 Uncategorized

pop dance

Pop dance began in the late 1960s, and is characterized by tensing and then releasing muscles and hitting to music. The exact origin of pop dance is not known, because styles vary so much depending on the area they were born in and their circle of influence. It is likely that the pop dance style began with teenaged friends in deindustrializing areas of the city. They would practice their moves, perform them in clubs, and compete in dance battles.

Although it began in social settings and clubs, pop dance soon became widely popular. Its simplicity and easy-to-follow lyrics made it a popular dance style. The energy required for a pop dance routine is high, and it is good exercise. Aspiring pop dancers must be energetic and not be afraid to perform in front of crowds. For those who want to make a living dancing to popular songs, it is important to choose a genre that appeals to your personality and dancing ability.

In order to perform the famous dance step, you must hold your right fist in front of your chest. This signature move of the pop dancers was made famous by the band BIG BANG. The step is a combination of a spinning, spiraling, and twisting motions. As a result, it is both fun and effective. And because of its many benefits, it has become a popular form of exercise among women.