How to Do the Fancy Like Dance at Applebee’s Restaurants

Jul 30, 2022 Uncategorized

Many people have been doing the Fancy Like dance at Applebee’s restaurants all over the country. But how do you do it? Here are some tips! First, learn the lyrics of the song. You can find them below. Second, build a TikTok following. There are many tutorials available on the web that will teach you how to do this. You can also learn how to dance this with a song by Walker Hayes.

Drake’s new song, ‘Fancy Like’, has prompted several viral videos. One of them features his daughter Lela dancing. This video has nearly 22.3 million views and 1.8 million likes. Since then, he’s posted several more dance videos. The singer has even gotten his children to dance together, with the two youngest girls inside their home. The video has gained over six million views on TikTok.

In an effort to spread the word about her dancing abilities, Steph Hetherington, a TikTok user, performed the “Fancy Like” dance while wakesurfing. She did it flawlessly, and didn’t even touch the water at the end of the routine! She even lip-synced while dancing. It’s amazing how much work goes into getting these dances to go viral. That’s why people are now flocking to TikTok to learn how to do this dance and get a chance to win prizes.

When it comes to dancing, Hayes has an impressive family. He often brings the children on stage with him to perform. In fact, last year, Hayes’ daughter helped him go viral on TikTok. The video has been viewed more than 40 million times. So now Walker has made this a family affair. In New York, he invited his entire family on stage and led the crowd in dancing. Hopefully, it’s the start of a long-lasting relationship!