Hip Hop Dance

Aug 8, 2022 Uncategorized

hip hop dance

The history of hip hop dance includes social dancing, influential dance crews, and music. In 1992, the hip hop movement gained popularity outside the academic setting. After its birth, hip hop dance was adapted to commercial settings by choreographers such as Michael Jackson. The music video, ‘Thriller,’ was choreographed by Fatima Robinson, a street dancer with no formal training. It was Robinson’s first music video choreography job.

The first step is to conduct a search online for a Hip Hop dance school. You can check out dance studios that have good reviews. You can also check out their social media profiles to see whether the dance school has a strong following. Make sure that the dance classes you attend are true Hip Hop. Those that are not will not be as inspiring as those that are truly authentic and rooted in the culture. Lastly, check whether the instructors have been trained by professional Hip Hop dancers.

Another important step in hip hop dance is breakdancing. Breakdancing is closely related to hip hop but is often seen as a separate style. It is characterized by complicated floor-work and contortions, and is usually performed by B-boys. This dance style was adapted by the West Coast and is still popular. The style includes all types of dance moves. It is not limited to one style; it is a combination of styles and is performed by people from all over the world.