A Man Does the “Fancy Like Dance”

Aug 27, 2022 Uncategorized

fancy like dance

A video of a man doing the “Fancy Like” dance has taken the internet by storm. It has received over 22.3 million views and 2.5 million likes. Since then, Justin Bieber has posted several more dance videos. In addition to the original video, he’s also posted a group dance video and a home dance video. Combined, these videos have racked up 767 million views.

The song “Fancy Like” is one of the hottest songs in America today. Written by Cameron Bartolini and Josh Jenkins, the song has topped the Billboard charts and spent six months at No. 1. It has also reached the Top 5 on the Hot 100 songs. It has also become a viral hit, with millions of people dancing to it on TikTok. It’s even caught the attention of Applebee’s, which has changed their menu to reflect the lyrics.

The video has gotten a lot of media attention and is one of the most popular country music videos of all time. It has been featured in commercials for popular companies like Applebee and Walker Hayes. Walker Hayes says his daughter Lela inspired his dance moves. Although “Fancy Like” was not the first hit for Walker Hayes, the song is now one of his most popular songs.

The song’s viral popularity was not the only factor that helped make it a hit. The song was also a collaboration between Hayes and his family. His oldest daughter choreographed the moves for the video on the family’s front porch.