Justin Bieber’s “Fancy Like” Dance Video Has 767 Million Views

Sep 3, 2022 Uncategorized

fancy like dance

“Fancy Like” is one of the most popular dance videos on TikTok and has been viewed more than 22.3 million times and garnered over 2.5 million hearts. Since the release of the video, Justin Bieber has continued to post dance videos. His latest videos include a group dance and one in which he performs at home. Together, these videos have amassed a total of 767 million views.

While the ‘Fancy Like’ dance may not be the most straightforward, its movements seem to follow the lyrics of the song. Even better, it doesn’t require a large group of people to perform it! And since it is available on most popular streaming services, even those who don’t have a lot of practice can perform it!

The original video doesn’t feature Hayes’ wife, but she makes a cameo appearance in the remix video. Hayes, a father of six, wrote the song along with four other writers, and he credits the song’s lack of pretense with its simplicity and honesty. His wife, Laney, filmed the video of the “Fancy Like” dance for him and their daughter Lela.

As a father, he has made it a point to include his kids whenever possible in his live performances. His daughter, who was just four years old when “Fancy Like” went viral, joined in the fun by dancing on the stage with her dad. The video has been viewed over 40 million times on TikTok. He likes to make the show a family affair and recently brought the whole family on stage at a show in New York.