Popular Dances Inspired by Rhythm Music

Sep 4, 2022 Uncategorized

popular dances

Dances have captivated rhythm lovers throughout the ages. From the 1920s to the 2000s, many of the most popular dances are inspired by songs. Whether you’re into ballroom dancing, Latin, or salsa, there’s a popular dance out there that’s sure to please.

In the 1980s, disco music took off, and dance moves from the era soared. These moves were very broad in definition and could include anything you learned in high school. However, some of these dances are difficult to remember or may not even be recognizable. Fortunately, these dances have become a popular staple of weddings for years to come.

The Rumba is a dramatic dance characterized by a close hold between the partners and a low center of gravity. This dance originally originated in brothels in nineteenth-century Buenos Aires and was initially rejected by upper-class people. While it has a strong romantic connection, it’s not a very good dance for young couples.

Charleston: This dance gained popularity in the 1920s, and was popular amongst both couples and solo dancers. It was often used as a weeding-out dance in dance marathons. Despite its sexy moves, the Charleston was a relatively safe dance to learn. Because it’s not shocking, many teachers hoped students would be drawn to it.

Lindy hop: Another popular dance that evolved out of swing music during the ’20s, the Lindy hop was a lively, energetic ballroom dance that emerged from Harlem, New York. It uses a 8 and 6-count step pattern and borrows from other popular dances. It was a cultural phenomenon of the time, and many thought that it would help break down the barrier between black and white dancers.