The “Fancy Like Dance” Goes Viral

Apr 2, 2022 Uncategorized

fancy like dance

The “Fancy Like Dance” has become an internet sensation. It was made famous by TikTok users Lily Faith and her mother. In the video, the pair are dancing outside to Walker Hayes’ song, “Fancy Like.” The mom and daughter duo add a handshake and a flip to their routine. They later write on the video, “My mom is cooler than yours.” In a follow-up post, Lily and her mother reveal that they bought the song ‘Country Stuff’ by Walker Hayes.

The “Fancy Like” dance video has gone viral, gaining millions of views on social media. Applebee also featured the video in their commercials, proving that this new dance trend is not limited to the Applebee’s chain. While the video has inspired many, the original song was written by Walker Hayes and his wife, Laney Hayes. The video was originally intended for his daughter, but has since been remixed by other people.

During the song’s release, the “Fancy Like” video was remixed by Hayes’ daughter. The result was a fun and catchy song that was featured on Applebee’s radio ads for over a week. Although the “Fancy Like” video was a viral sensation, Hayes isn’t following up on it. Instead, he is taking notes of the lessons learned. After all, she has been open about her personal struggles, which she says are a big reason for the success of her “Fancy” music. The singer’s first EP, Country Stuff, was released last summer and is scheduled to embark on a tour in 2022.