Hip Hop Dance

Sep 19, 2022 Uncategorized

hip hop dance

Hip hop dance began decades ago and is enjoyed by a wide variety of people from all walks of life. Unlike classical dance, which is restricted to certain body types and ages, hip hop is an extremely flexible style of dance that can be performed by anyone with a passion for the art. Whether you’re at a concert or club with friends, hip hop will entertain you with its sharp movements and enchanting music.

Stepping: This dance form focuses on precise stepping movements and a loud stomping noise. It is very fluid and involves the full body, but requires a lot of practice to master. Stepping also involves the use of clapping, leg slapping and other rhythmic movements.

If you’d like to learn hip hop dance, it’s best to take classes. You can find a variety of dance classes online. Some of the most popular courses are on Udemy. While you don’t need any prior dance experience to take these classes, it is still important to find a hip hop dance studio with good reviews. You can also research hip hop dance studios through social media, especially YouTube and Facebook. When looking for a hip hop dance class, make sure the dance style is real hip hop, not just a’swing’ dance style.

Hip Hop dance has been popular in popular culture for years. Artists such as MC Hammer and Vanilla Ice have used the dance in their music videos. Michael Jackson also used hip hop in his music video “Remember The Time” in 1992. Fatima Robinson, who was a street dancer who had no formal training, choreographed the dance for Michael Jackson’s 1992 hit “Remember The Time” music video.