The History of Hip Hop Dance and Its Influences

Sep 26, 2022 Uncategorized

hip hop dance

Hip hop dance is a style of street dance that’s performed to hip hop music. The genre originated in the 1970s and has been influenced by many styles since then. It’s popularized by hip hop dance crews in the United States. This article will look at the history of hip hop dance and its influences. You’ll learn more about its origins, and why it’s so important to learn this style of dance.

Hip hop dance is one of the most popular forms of dance today, and is very popular in hip-hop music. The movement has also been popularized through music videos and commercialized television. While there is a long tradition of hip hop dancing, the genre continues to evolve and spread across the world. In the 1990s, Hip Hop dance became popular and was used by MC Hammer, Vanilla Ice, and Michael Jackson in their music videos. Fatima Robinson, a street dancer who never received formal dance training, choreographed Michael Jackson’s “Remember The Time” music video. It was Robinson’s first job choreographing a music video.

Hip hop dance includes krumping and locking. This African-American form is known for its powerful, lyrical movements. The dancing is usually accompanied by chest bumps. The hip hop dancers also use a technique known as popping, which involves quick muscle contractions. Locking is similar to popping, but the dancer holds positions for a longer period of time.