The “Fancy Like Dance” Goes Viral

Oct 15, 2022 Uncategorized

fancy like dance

In June, a video of a man dancing to “Fancy Like” gained over half a million views on TikTok. It inspired many celebrities to re-create the dance. These include actresses and musicians. This dance has become a viral sensation and has even made its way to the Today show.

The video was made by Walker Hayes and his daughter Lila, and it has received a lot of attention. The video has over seven million views, nearly 2.5 million likes, and a number of other achievements. The song itself has become a cult hit, as it lauds the “fancy” parts of life. Hayes’ song ‘Fancy Like’ is available on all major streaming services, and its popularity has spread among many people.

The video was so popular that it has been featured in Applebee commercials and on social media. The dance has been so popular that Walker’s children are now his number one fans. His latest single “Fancy Like” reached No.1 on the Country digital song charts in a single week, and Walker has since released his new EP, Country Stuff. He will be launching a full-fledged tour for the song in 2022.

The song has gone viral after being shared on TikTok. It has since gone viral and has soared to the top of the Billboard Country Digital Song Sales Chart. It has been so popular that even Applebee’s has bought the rights to perform it in their restaurants.