The “Fancy Like” Dance Has Taken the World by Storm

Oct 22, 2022 Uncategorized

fancy like dance

The ‘Fancy Like’ dance has taken the world by storm! The song was created by a singer named Kesha, and is a hit for both men and women. The song, which has a catchy chorus, focuses on the joy of spending a night out with your spouse. In addition to the catchy chorus, the song has a new verse about a date night at Applebee’s. The “Fancy Like” dance is becoming a wildly popular trend on social media sites, and is becoming an internet sensation.

While Walker Hayes’ wife doesn’t appear in the original “Fancy Like” video, she makes an appearance in the remix video. Hayes, who has six children, wrote the song with four other writers and is a father of six. Hayes’ wife, Laney, filmed a video with her daughter Lela, and the two managed to learn the song and dance routine in just 35 minutes. The video went viral and has since racked up over twenty million views and more than two million likes!

Since its release, Walker Hayes has inspired countless celebrities to create their own versions of the ‘Fancy Like’ dance. The song reached the top spot on many charts and has been featured in national Applebee’s ads. The video has also inspired many to recreate the choreography, and some even plan to create tutorials to teach others how to perform the dance.