The “Fancy Like Dance” Challenge

Nov 5, 2022 Uncategorized

fancy like dance

The “Fancy Like Dance” challenge is a viral video that is becoming the talk of the social media world. It was first posted on TikTok and soon went viral. Since its release, the video has been viewed more than 33.4 million times and garnered more than 2.5 million hearts. It is so popular that other celebrities have joined in. Some people have even made it to the Today show to perform their version of the dance.

The video has gained massive popularity on social media, and has been viewed over 22 million times since its release on June 13. The video has been featured on YouTube and TikTok. Applebee’s also included the video in their commercial, and it went viral after that. The song “Fancy Like” is from Walker Hayes’ EP Country Stuff.

The song was popularized by a YouTube star named Walker Hayes. He has been making music for a decade and has featured on late-night TV. The song has also helped him land a major endorsement deal with Applebee’s. It has been shared over 40 million times on TikTok. Hayes’ family likes to make it a family affair, so he recently invited his 6 kids onstage to dance.

The video went viral on social media and was a hit for the singer. Applebee, which partnered with Walker Hayes on the “Fancy Like” tour, featured the video in commercials. Hayes credited his daughter Lela with the choreography. The video also helped his song to reach the top of the Country charts for 24 weeks, but was knocked off by Taylor Swift’s “All Too Well” a few weeks later. Since then, Hayes has released his EP Country Stuff, and is planning a tour around the song.