Hip Hop Dance

Nov 14, 2022 Uncategorized

hip hop dance

Hip hop dance is a fun and energetic form of dance. Its movements and music reflect a wide range of cultural and social backgrounds. It is an extremely flexible dance form, which uses different types of moves in various combinations. Generally, hip hop social dances utilize multiple rhythms and multiple centers of movement.

Hip hop began as a street-based, performative dance genre. The b-boys and b-girls performed to attract people and to show off their moves. Over time, more dancers learned the rhythms of the music and the hip hop dance style developed as an art form. As it gained popularity, the street scene moved to more formal dance venues, and choreography began to take shape. However, the hip hop dance style remained innovative, and it often featured one-on-one face-offs.

Another hip hop dance move is the boogaloo. This dance style originated in the 1960s in Fresno, California. It is characterized by powerful, energetic movements, including chest bumping. Poppers perform popping moves by rapidly contracting muscles to produce an effect that looks like a robotic movement. Locking is a variation on the popping style, in which the dancer freezes their bodies in different positions and holds them there for longer than in a popping.

Hip hop dancing is a great cardiovascular workout. It helps to get the heart rate up, burn calories and foster positive mental health. It also involves a wide range of movements, making it an entertaining and sociable form of exercise.