How to Plan a Dance Lesson

Dec 9, 2022 Uncategorized

dance lesson

Using dance to teach children important lessons can be a rewarding experience. These lessons can range from a short memory recall exercise to a series of choreography sequences. The best way to teach these concepts is to break them up into manageable chunks and repeat them often.

A good dance lesson plan should include a brief introduction to the concept, followed by structured improvisation. This allows students to explore the concept, demonstrate understanding, and validate their own movement choices. The lesson should include a ‘closing activity’, such as stretching, which provides a moment to reflect on the lesson.

The lesson should also begin with a warm-up, which is usually performed to music. The warm-up can be completed in a variety of ways, including without music. A two-minute dance break can be included during class, to help students develop body patterns.

A dance lesson is a valuable opportunity for students to learn about how force creates feelings, and a variety of elements of movement. These lessons can be incorporated into other subject areas to further students’ understanding of the curriculum.

Students can be introduced to choreography through different improvisations, such as the high five game. This game teaches children about rhythm and the importance of working with a partner.

Students can also learn about choreography through videos of choreography. These can be found online, or through other sources. A few examples include Creative Dance, which teaches basic walking steps in several body directions, and Chicken Dance, which teaches the chicken dance concept.