Popular Dances

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popular dances

Popular Dances

There are many different kinds of dances. Some serve social functions (competitive, ceremonial, erotic…) while others are performed for fun and entertainment. They can be accompanied by folk music or other forms of music.

The Round and the Carol were two of the most popular songs of the Middle Ages, and they sparked a wide variety of dances. They were sung by both men and women, and they were often danced in a circle.

Aside from these two, there were numerous other dances and songs, most of which were not known until the Middle Ages. These dances have been described in a variety of sources including medieval literature, music treatises, manuscript illuminations and paintings.

The hand jive, also known as the clap, leg slapping and fist-rolling motions, was probably developed out of necessity in the 1950s when the dance floors were so packed that people had to find ways to keep moving while they waited for their turn. It eventually became a hugely popular fad and is still very much a part of the dancing scene today.

Hippie Spin, or Hippie Twirl — This is another psychedelic fad that came from 1960s music festivals. It involves twirling in a slow, twisting motion that evokes a feeling of vertigo.

Memphis Jookin — This dance, which has its roots in West Tennessee, was popularized by rappers like G-Nerd and Lil Black. It grew in popularity during the 2010s but is still very much in use today.