Hip Hop Dance Styles

Feb 14, 2023 Uncategorized

Hip hop dance is one of the most energetic forms of social dancing and is a popular art form worldwide. It combines many different styles of street dance.

Breaking – also known as breakdancing – is a dance style that originated in the Hip Hop community and consists of five core movements: top rocks, fast footwork, back rocks, freezes and power moves. This style is very acrobatic and involves lots of spinning and contorting as the dancers move to the music.

Krumping – another African American dance style that’s largely driven by emotion and force. It’s marked by chest bumping and is a powerful expression of emotion that can be lyrical in nature.

Popping – Another popular hip hop dance move, popping is characterized by a quick contraction of muscles to create a jerking effect that can be used for robotic movements. This dance is primarily performed by West Coast hip hop dancers, though it has also become popular on the East Coast.

Locking – A hip hop dance move that’s similar to popping, locking is a technique where the dancer quickly and frequently moves their body, but freezes it in certain positions for longer periods of time.

MC (Master of Ceremonies) – A person at the head of a hip hop dance party who acts as a hype man for the DJ, gets the crowd to dance and sometimes freestyle raps over the music. They’re usually a good dancer and have lots of fun!