Pop Dance Basics

Feb 14, 2023 Uncategorized

pop dance

Pop dance is a style of dance that is danced to upbeat music such as funk, disco, hi-hop and dubstep. This type of music is very popular and has been around for many years now.

History of Pop Dance

Popping originated in the 60’s with Boogaloo Sam in Fresno California, where he taught his brother, Popin’ Pete and later his cousin, Skeeter Rabbit how to be poppers. He was influenced by locking dancers and started to create the new style of dance called popping which combines rigid robotic moves with loose flowing moves.

Different Styles of Popping

There are many styles of popping, some are very similar and others are more edgy. They all have their own unique movements and techniques. Some of these moves include the chest bop, forearms hits/popping and dubstep dance basics among others.

Usually performed standing up, popping makes heavy use of angles, mime style movements and facial expressions. The lower body is also very manipulated with a variety of footwork-oriented techniques including the robot and backslide, which were made famous by Michael Jackson.

A common technique of transitioning between poses is the dime stop, a movement that consists of abruptly coming to a halt as if you were attempting to stop on a dime. It is a popular move in robot dancing and is also used when performing other styles of popping.

Another popular style of popping is called bone breaking, which is a dance that focuses on quickly contracting and relaxing various muscle groups to create a very sharp movement. This can be done standing up or laying down. It can be performed to any type of dance song and is usually done at regular intervals, timed to the beat of the music.